Halo World Championship NA Online Qualifier Results


This past weekend the Halo World Championship North American Online Qualifier for Halo 5: Guardians took place with over 500 teams competing for a spot in the top 64 to gain pro points.


While many teams strutted their stuff, here are your top 8:

1st: Allegiance: 5000 Pro Points

Naded, eL ToWn, Cratos, and Suspector


2nd: Leftovers: 3000 Pro Points

Spartan, Cloud, Victory, and Commonly


3rd: Evil Geniuses: 2000 Pro Points

Snip3down, Roy, Lunchbox, and Lethul


4th: CLG: 2000 Pro Points

Ogre 2, Frosty, SnakeBite, and Royal 2


5th: Team Liquid: 1500 Pro Points

Ninja, Ace, Hysteria, and UnLegit.


6th: Noble eSports: 1500 Pro Points

Cxlm, Rayne, Swiftkill, and Pznguin.


7th: LGTM: 1500 Pro Points

Prototype, Jucyfruit, Posey, and Tire Iron


8th: Lean N Dab: 1500 Pro Points

Scaryotic, Levy XXL, Kayotic Fours, and Danoxide


For more information on the Halo World Championship visit halo.gg

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