Halo 5 Medals Breakout Part 1: General Medals


The full list of Halo 5: Guardians medals was recently released by 343i and there is a lot of good information to be learned about the game and it is going to be exciting to see how these medals can assist in analytics of gameplay. This is part one of a three part series covering the upcoming medals of Halo 5. This breakout will cover the general medals that can be earned throughout every mode of multiplayer. The next two breakouts will dive into the arena specific medals (slayer, strondhold, breakout, capture the flag) and ending up with part three covering Warzone specific medals.


The goal of these breakouts is to cover what these medals mean on the surface as well as what they mean to the greater whole of Halo game play.


Pound Town Assist – Assist in a kill by dealing ground pound damage that is killed by another player’s ground pound.
So you have to deal ground pound damage to a player that is killed by another players ground pound..It will be interesting to see how easy ground pounds are to hit in the retail copy of the game. They were not the easiest to pull off in the beta, so having two players able to pull it off on essentially the same guy seems unlikely. We will see..
EMP Assist – Assist in a kill by erasing an enemy player’s shields with a Charged Plasma Pistol shot.
Oh the classic noob combo.
Wingman – Get a spree of any five assist types
A great medal that I am personally fond of. It speaks highly to your support ability and is a great sign that you are playing unselfishly. Unselfish Halo in team play is key to victory.
Close Call – Kill with low health and then survive
More clutchness!
Reversal – Win a 1v1 encounter after starting behind
I’ve heard 343i has tweaked this to trigger when you start at least 75% behind in terms of overall health/shield. Should be a great way to prove how clutch you can be.
Team Takedown Assist – Get a kill with the help of three teammates
This should be really helpful in seeing teamshot in action. I have a feeling this will be a very rewarding medal to earn.
Team Takedown – Get a kill with the help of three teammates
Just as satisfying…
Airsassination – Kill an opponent via midair assassination
Only for show people..never go for the assassination in a competitive environment unless it is definitely worth the risk!
Assassination – Kill an opponent via assassination
Same old…
Retribution – Assassinate the opponent who killed you last
Get some anger management buddy..
Brawler – Melee an opponent who is shooting you
Melee is a powerful tool when used correctly. 
Bulltrue – Kill a player who is lunging with the sword
Starkiller – Kill a player that is ground pounding
When a player is attemping a ground pound it is the perfect opportunity to LIGHT THEM UP!
BXR – Melee an opponent and kill them with one shot from a BR
While the animation glitch is gone, the tactic is still very viable.
Nadeshot – Kill an enemy with a single headshot after damaging them with a grenade
If you’ve ever played Halo:CE….
Quickdraw – Kill an enemy with a single headshot with the pistol after damaging them with your primary weapon.
I forsee a lot of this occurring for those are able to pickup Battle Rifles / DMRs and have a pistol secondary
Noob Combo – Fully charged plasma pistol followed by a single headshot to kill
The classic.
Cliffhanger – Kill an enemy while they are clambering
Hmm…see this is why I didn’t originally approve but it was fun in the beta.
Distraction – Distract an enemy player that is then killed
This medal will be awesome in determining your value minute on the battlefield when combined with your other stats.
Extermination – Wipe out an enemy team (requires overkill)
Sayonara  – Earn credit for a kill where an enemy falls to their death
Interesting that this will be known now. Almost should be negatively viewed..
First Strike  – Earn the first kill of the match
How aggressive are you?
From the Grave  – Kill an opponent after you die
Always satisfying. 
Gunpunch – Two BR shots and a melee
Seems like you can get a medal for nearly every combination of killing someone these days…
Snipunch – One sniper shot and a melee
Holy crap I wasn’t kidding…
Hat Trick – Get three sniper headshot kills without dying
Sounds easy enough…
Headshot – Kill an opponent with a headshot
Did you enjoy that POP in the beta? 
Deadshot – Get a kill with the last bullet in your clip
Longshot – Get a kill from long range with a precision weapon
Double Kill  – Kill two opponents within 4.5s of one another
4.5s? Interesting addition of .5 seconds.
Triple Kill – Kill three opponents within 4.5s of one another
Overkill – Kill four opponents within 4.5s of one another
Killtacular – Kill five opponents within 4.5s of one another
Killtrocity – Kill six opponents within 4.5s of one another
Killamanjaro – Kill seven opponents within 4.5s of one another
Killtastrophe – Kill eight opponents within 4.5s of one another
Killpocalypse –Kill nine opponents within 4.5s of one another
Killionaire – Kill 10 opponents within 4.5s of one another
Protector – Save a teammate by killing his attacker
“It’s called teamwork Hotshy.”
Guardian Angel – Save a teammate’s life from long range
Another good way to show teamwork and team shot. 
Bodyguard – Get a spree of three Protector Medals
Stop an assassination by killing opponent
Spray and Pray – Kill an enemy from long range with an automatic weapon
Well this is just getting redic..
Killing Spree
Kill five players without dying
Killing Frenzy
Kill 10 players without dying
Running Riot
Kill 15 players without dying
Kill 20 players without dying
Kill 25 players without dying
Kill 30 players without dying
Kill 35 players without dying
Kill 40 players without dying
Big Game Hunter – Kill three enemies that are holding power weapons
Good way to tell if a person knows who they should be attacking..
Hard Target – Recharge your shields 10x without dying
You are really good at staying alive.
Triple Double – Get double digit Kills, Assist, and Headshots in a game
Amazing all around player! VIP
Alley-Oop – Pickup a weapon that was blasted to you by another player
Now this is pimp..
Combat Evolved  – Pickup a weapon that you blasted to yourself
Big Gun Runner – Pick up three power weapons
Calm it down Tsquared..
Perfect Kill – Kill an opponent with the Battle Rifle in four shots without missing
Perfect Kill – Unique perfect medal for the Carbine
Perfect Kill – Unique perfect medal for the DMR
Cluster Luck – Get two kills with one grenade
Fastball – Kill an enemy with the impact of a grenade
What is this CoD?
Hail Mary –Kill an opponent with a long grenade throw
Perfect Kill – Unique perfect medal for Light Rifle
Perfect Kill – Unique perfect medal for Magnum
Beat Down – Kill an opponent with a Beat Down
Ground Pound – Kill an opponent with a Ground Pound
Melee Kill – Kill an opponent with Melee
Shoulder Bash – Kill an opponent with a Shoulder Bash
Stuck – Stick an opponent with a Plasma Grenade
Rocket Mary – Kill an enemy with a long range Rocket
Sniper Headshot – Kill an enemy with a sniper headshot.
Airborne Snapshot – Kill an enemy with a snapshot while airborne
Buckle Up – Kill the driver of a moving enemy vehicle by using a Sniper Rifle
Snapshot – Kill an enemy with an unscoped sniper shot
Snipeltaneous –Kill two or more enemies with one sniper shot
Flyin’ High –Achieve a massive Mongoose or Warthog jump with a passenger
Hijack – Board a land-based vehicle by forcibly removing the enemy in it
Busted – Kill an enemy trying to hijack or skyjack a vehicle
Skyjack – Board an air-based vehicle by forcibly removing the enemy in it
Splatter – Kill an enemy by running them over with a vehicle
Road Trip – Splatter an enemy with a full Warthog
Wheelman – Drive a vehicle where your passenger gets a kill

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