The Way of the Warthog



Take a look at these tips for the Halo 5: Guardians Warthog to help yourself out in the battlefield while driving or riding.


Keep Moving!

If you need to slow down to help your gunner get a kill – do it cautiously – but always aim keep moving because a moving target is harder to hit.

Prioritize the hog.

Since Warthogs are rarer than Spartans, it is always a good idea to prioritize keep the hog and keep it alive over yourself and/or your gunner. You can always go pick up your teammate after they spawn and keep the pain coming.

Always go for the smooth route

Not only will this allow your gunner to get kills easier, it will allow you as the driver to keep your wheels on the ground to help reduce the chances of flippage.

Be weary of the gunners blind spots.

Gunners can NOT hit the passenger (if an enemy boards) nor can they shoot directly overhead.

Drive like a semi.

Avoid close turns and take it wide. Keeping out of tight areas will prevent enemy Spartans from sticking or hijacking you.

NEVER go for the splatter. Keep a safe distance.

The enemy will usually win this battle. Get your gunner an angle, or go get a gunner.





TALK TO YOUR DRIVER! Good communication using your headset will give you and your driver a significant advantage and increase your chances of survival. For those of you without mics…Drivers should honk if they see targets directly ahead and gunners should shoot several short bursts in a direction they see a target in or wish to head.

Prioritize targets

If you have three targets and two of them aren’t even there, shoot the one guy who’s actually a threat! For example if you have 2 AR guys and one guy with a turret, shoot the turret.

When there are no targets, be looking in the direction you’re going.

If you have a driver who can communicate well this may not always be necessary.

Use your turrent’s shields

Face the enemy who is shooting at you to receive added protection.

Pay attention to spawns (FOR DRIVERS AS WELL)

Enemies will spawn whereever your teammates are NOT. For more information on spawning and spawns check out our Level 1 Lesson on Halo 5: Guardians Game Mechanics.

last but not least…BE MOBILE

Switch into the passenger seat for extra protection if you’re getting shot!



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